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A full day of eight carefully curated sessions for an audience that cares about the future of the web, and who want their ideas challenged.


Day format: 9am registration, 90 minute lunch break (not provided), conference ends at 6pm with a social in walking distance until late.

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  1. Registration

  2. Opening remarks

  3. Imposter syndrome, overworking, and working environments / Amber Shand

    Photo of Amber Shand
    The talk
    Dealing with imposter syndrome, perfectionism and building a growth mindset - this talk is essentially a survival guide on how to cope when we feel inferior in the tech space where we're surrounded by people doing incredible things both in and outside of work time.
    I was told that because I didn't have a Computer Science degree, I wouldn't be able to learn how to code, I didn't listen and I'm now a multi award software engineer, keynote speaker and consultant
  4. The Expanding Dark Forest and Generative AI / Maggie Appleton

    Photo of Maggie Appleton
    The web is already an eerily lifeless place filled with automated predators like bots, advertisers, clickbait attention-grabbers, SEO-optimisers, and angry twitter mobs - and they now have a generative AI hammer to swing. When language models can churn out millions of human-like words, images, and videos in seconds, what happens to human creation and connection on the web?
    About me
    Built an elaborate Neopets page using only the HTML `<table>` element for positioning and layout. Graduated to maximalist design aesthetics and animated cursors with CSS on MySpace.
  5. Coffee break (30 mins)

  6. We need to talk about the front web / Angela Ricci

    Photo of Angela Ricci
    The talk
    Why the front web became this monster, and how to fix it..!
    I fell into a cauldron of a magic potion called the web, when it was still cooking. Since then, web technologies became my super power for designing new interfaces.
  7. Web accessibility - it's not just about HTML / Ire Aderinokun

    Photo of Ire Aderinokun
    The talk
    Plain Old Semantic HTML allows accessible web pages, but CSS and JavaScript can hinder accessibility by altering element meaning, behavior, or blocking content. Learn how to use them appropriately to enhance accessibility and adapt experiences for all users
    I was a little too obsessed with Neopets as a teenager and had to build the best profile page. Once I started down that rabbit hole I was hooked!
  8. Lunch break (90 mins)

  9. Ada Lovelace and The Very First Computer Program / Steven Goodwin

    Photo of Steven Goodwin
    The talk
    We all know that Ada Lovelace is credited as the first computer programmer. But what did she write? What did it do? And how does it work?
    I have been involved in computing, science, and technology since the family computer, a Sinclair ZX81, moved in with me to become my first piece of domesticated hardware.
  10. Embracing Neurodiversity in Tech: Building Empathy, Unveiling Strengths / Jonathan Fielding

    Photo of Jonathan Fielding
    The talk
    Unveil the power of neurodiversity. Through personal experiences and practical strategies, foster empathy, challenge stereotypes, and create an inclusive environment for hidden disabilities. Celebrate unique strengths together.
    Escaping from an after school club I found my way back to my classroom where a student teacher showed me BASIC on a Acorn.
  11. Ice cream break (25 minutes)

  12. Exploring the Potential of the Web Speech API in Karaoke / Ana Rodrigues

    Photo of Ana Rodrigues
    The talk
    Isn't it frustrating when the song you want isn't available at karaoke? Let's see if we can solve this. We will look at the current state of the Web Speech API and what's coming next, and have some fun!
    In the early 2000s, I needed more than my favourite band's official website. So I learned how to code in order to build a proper fan site.
  13. Entertainment as Code / Salma Alam-Naylor

    Photo of Salma Alam-Naylor
    The talk
    This talk is about live streaming and learning in public, and about how writing silly code and building silly websites in front of a live audience is a powerful (and hilarious) way to build a community.
    This is what happens when you combine a high school music teacher, a comedian, a front end developer, and the strange novelty of live streaming on the internet.
  14. Closing remarks

  15. Post social


  1. Duke of Yorks cinemaThe Conference
  2. Moe's at the CircusEarly morning networking from 7:30am
  3. Al CampoLunch with "Future Friends" (on Fri) & pre event social on Thurs
  1. TravelodgeFrom £53, short walk from station
  2. IbisFrom £87, outside the front of station
  3. Leonardo HotelsFrom £122, near train station (previously Jury's Inn)
  4. Leonardo Hotels WaterfrontFrom 117, close to after party venue


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